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Abdominal Pain Right Side

There are many possible causes of abdominal pain right side, which can be felt in the upper or lower side of the body. Due to our lack of medical knowledge, if we have abdominal pain right side lower, we usually think it is appendicitis. And if we have abdominal pain right side upper, we may think we have pulled a muscle. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Abdominal pain right side multiple causes

The abdominal pain may be dull or sharp, constant or occasional, deep or superficial.

The organs which could be causing the abdominal pain right side are, to name a few: lung/diaphragm/kidney/liver/stomach/gall bladder/pancreas/small intestine/large intestine/appendix/uterus/ovaries/urinary tract/abdominal muscle/spinal nerves.

Due to the nerve pathways’ patterning, abdominal pain right side upper, may be caused by an organ in the lower body. And, abdominal pain right side lower, may be radiating from an organ in the upper body.

Clearly, only a doctor can therefore determine the true causes of abdominal pain right side. The doctor will use his knowledge to analyze the cause, and if the cause of the abdominal pain right side is still unknown to him, he will investigate via some of the following:

 ultrasound/xray/CT scan/MRI/blood tests/endoscopy/colonoscopy/barium enema. 

Must I go to hospital if I have abdominal pain right side?

If your abominal pain right side is accompanied by: blood in stools/blood in vomit/severe abdominal bloating/dizziness/fainting/fever above 101 degrees F/or any other alarming symptom, get to a hospital immediately.

Never ignore the above symptoms by self-medicating, as the drugs will only mask the symptoms of abdominal pain right side, a bit, while you are increasing your risk with every hour that you delay reaching the emergency hospital.

Constipation or appendicitis in abdominal pain right sideabout abdominal pain right side

 People suffering from abdominal pain right side, spend hours, sometimes days, trying to figure out whether they have constipation or appendicitis, hepatitis or gallstones, or a string of other possible causes for their abdominal pain right side. They google ‘abdominal pain right side’, and try to self-diagnose, and self-medicate for their abdominal pain. Google is great for many things, but if it suggests that you go to a doctor, or a hospital for your abdominal pain, then you should listen, instead of wasting days trying to earn a minor medical degree online!

I had a friend who suffered from abdominal pain right side, who procrastinated and postponed a doctor’s visit. By the time he finally got checked out by a doctor, after several months of self-medicating, marijuana included, he had developed a severe kidney problem, and a year later he was dead.

Possible non-serious causes of abdominal pain right side

Abdominal pain right side lower, can be caused by sexual  intercourse experimentation with unusual positions. It can also be caused by:

  • constipation, meaning no bowel movement for more than a day. Yes, one is supposed to have a daily bowel movement, of one foot in length.
  • sexual  intercourse experimentation with unusual positions.

Abdominal pain right side upper – you may have pulled a muscle while exercising, or from coughing a lot.

Abominal pain right side lower or upper – you may have an impinged (squashed) spinal nerve, which can cause a referred pain to the front of your body. A chiropractor or physical therapist can release the nerve, usually in one session.

Abdominal pain right side all over – drinking too much alcohol can sometimes cause your liver to become strained, and this, in turn, can produce this type of ache.

Abdominal pain right side near groin – you may have a hernia from lifting something heavy.


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