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Bipolar Quiz

Taking a Bipolar Quiz does not replace medical diagnosis, but it can point you in the right direction, to enable you to decide as to whether you need to go for medical diagnosis. 

Am I really Bipolar Quizabout bipolar quiz

The Bipolar Quiz, available in different formats, on a variety of websites, is there to help you decide if you are just a regular person who, like all of us, suffers from ups and downs, or, whether your ups and downs are way too EXTREME to be considered normal. 

The Bipolar Quiz also helps you to identify other PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS  which accompany Bipolar Disorder.

A good Bipolar Quiz will help you to see if your SOCIAL SITUATIONS get out of control, on a regular basis.

A well-graded Bipolar Quiz can also reveal whether you have MILD or SEVERE Bipolar Symptoms.

Bipolar Quiz reveals surprising symptoms

One of the surprising facts that is revealed, after doing a Bipolar Quiz, is that one may realize that all those physical symptoms of pain, are CAUSED by being Bipolar. All those headaches, odd chest pains, and unrelated muscle aches, can be caused by one’s mental state.

Of course, this is only true, if one is in fact Bipolar.

Typical physical symptoms of a person with Bipolar Disorder, in the depressive phase

  • sluggish – energy levels/digestion/thinking
  • sex drive is non-existent
  • sleep patterns are disordered
  • chronic pain, for no apparent reason

Typical emotional symptoms of a person with Bipolar Disorder, in the depressive phase 

  • total apathy – there seems no point to doing anything
  • anxiety – about nothing in particular, yet extreme
  • no joy at all
  • suicidal thoughts
  • in severe cases, one cannot motivate oneself to even get out of bed 


 Bipolar  highs are characterised by: racing thoughts/high-spending/dangerous use of drugs or alcohol/manic sex drive/getting into trouble with authority figures, such as one’s boss, or the police.

We would like to hear about your experiences with any Bipolar Quiz, so write in the comment box below, if you would like to share.
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