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Minocycline For Acne

Minocycline for acne, is supposed to be prescribed for acne, which is BACTERIALLY CAUSED. Sadly, it is being prescribed randomly, by doctors who haven’t a clue as to the cause of their client’s acne.
Why this is sad, is that antibiotics, such as Minocycline for acne, have serious side effects. This means that if the client is prescribed Minocycline and didn’t need it, they will most likely end up still having acne, PLUS a range of other side effects. 

Some side effects of Minocycline for acneabout minocycline for acne

  • decreased hearing
  • blurred vision
  • migraine
  • no urination, or very little
  • flu-like fever
  • skin rash or peeling
  • swelling of face/lips/tongue/throat
  • difficulty breathing
  • vomiting
  • genital sores

Post-effects of Minocycline for acne

While taking the antibiotic Minocycline, persistent diarrhea and stomach cramps can occur, however, this side effect may only show up months after ending the course of antibiotics. By then, it is hard for the client, and the doctor, to establish a causal relationship between the course of antibiotics, and the diarrhea. Endless treatments are then needed, in order to eliminate the diarrhea.

The same problem exists with oral or vaginal thrush, which may only manifest months later, but is directly caused by the antibiotic.

Ironically, one of the major post-effects of taking antibiotics, is acne!

So one should think carefully, before casually consuming a course of antibiotics.

 Is Minocycline for acne available to treat other problems?

The answer is, yes, in fact Minocycline for acne, is only one of its uses, as its primary use is in treating serious infections, often sexually related, such as gonorrhea/urinary tract infection/chlamydia.

This is why it should be rarely prescribed for acne, as any good Dermatologist will tell you, there are at least ten major underlying causes of acne, none of them being bacterial infection.


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