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Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms

 Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms are defined as the presence of two or more distinct identities/personality states, in one person.

Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms are also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder or Split Personality.

Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms revealed

Each ‘person’ within that individual, has a different name, personal history, health history, and talents. ‘Suzie’ may have allergies, be highly organized, and play the piano, while ‘Carrie’ has no allergies, is disorganized, and cannot play the piano. 

Psychotherapy aims to integrate the various personalities into one.

Dissociative Identity Disorder has become the more preferred term amongst modern Therapists, as this term more accurately describes the experience of the person, in that each personality is unaware of the other/s, meaning, the personalities do not associate with each other. Mutiple Personality Disorder Symptoms is a good term, in that it describes the existence of many personalities, but fails to describe the most major problem, the problem of disassociation.

Causes of Multiple Personality Disorder Symptomsabout multiple personality disorder symptoms

The major cause of Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms is abuse during childhood, on multiple occasions. The abuse can be sexual molestation (very often), physical violence, or emotional cruelty.

A possible reason as to why Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms occur mostly in women, is that the incidences of a young girl being sexually molested by a man, far outweigh the incidences of a young boy being sexually molested by a woman. 

The traumatized child, unable to integrate the abuse, invents a person within herself, who was not abused. It then becomes far safer, and more pleasant, to be this untraumatized person.

Treatments for Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms

Many Therapists become daunted by the task of unravelling someone with Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms, and, fearing that they may fail at the task, prescribe the following treatments:

Electro-convulsive shock treatment – This is more barbarian and cruel than most people realize, and should be left in the past, and acknowledged as a mistake. The efffect of Electro-convulsive shock, is that the person becomes even further dissociated, and very often, suffers memory losses, of staggering proportion. 

Hypnosis – This can be a dangerous gamble with someone’s sanity. Subconscious commands, given by the hypnotherapist, may be misinterpreted by any number of the Multiple Personalities, much in the same way that three  people witnessing a car accident, may give three entirely different accounts of the event.

Psychotherapeutic drugs – These so often cause side effects of paranoia/delusion/hallucination/depression/suicide, that it is clear that these drugs can only exacerbate the Mutiple Personality Disorder Symptoms. 

What then, is the best path to recovering from Multiple Personality Disorder Sumptoms? The answer is: a patient and dedicated Psychotherapist, who sincerely believes that an integrative cure is possible. The Therapist should be willing to work with the patient for many years, as building trust, and stability, is fundamental to the recovery of someone with Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms.

Natural Remedies for someone suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms, include:

Massage  – This Therapy is still vastly underestimated, in that it is still thought of as something you do for physical tension. It offers, however, a powerful integrative experience of one’s subconscious levels of experience. It also recreates a sense of feeling safe, and loved, in a way that no other Therapy provides. Someone with Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms, is in desperate need of this type of experience.

Yoga – Once again, this is not a physical practice. Anyone who has practiced yoga for several years, will describe how it has completely changed their personality, allowing them to integrate broken off aspects of themselves, and make them whole again. A person suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms, can benefit enormously from this kind of experience.

In other words, Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms, need not exclusively be approached using the ‘talk it out’ model, which psychotherapy employs.

If you would like to share any of your experiences with Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms, you can write about them in our comment box below.
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