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Nystatin Cream

Nystatin cream is an antifungal antibiotic, for use on the skin. This means that it not only treats fungal infections, but also treats the infections caused by the fungus.
Nystatin cream causes cell death of the fungus, so rapid relief is felt within one to three days. Nystatin cream has a high rate of complete cure. Buy Nystatin cream online, by comparing the best prices available on the web.
Nystatin powder is used for internal fungal infections, so click here if that is what you need.

Warnings about Nystatin cream

The only unknown about Nystatin cream, is its effect on the growing baby in the womb during pregnancy, and its effect on breast milk. Since Nystatin cream is absorbed through the skin and enters the bloodstream, this is a concern that a caring mother may want to take into consideration. There are, however, non-harmful anti-fungals available, such as essential oils of lavender and ti-tree. Just make sure that you use these in the correct DILUTION:

Add 16 drops of essential oil to 60 ml (2 fluid oz) of water in a glass bottle. Shake bottle before use, then apply to fungal infection.

 A good blend is 8 drops of  lavender, and 8 drops of tea-tree. about nystatin cream

Apply 3 times a day.

Do not use lavender if you are pregnant in your first trimester, on large areas of the skin, for example, the entire abdomen. Small dabs of lavender, for example , between the toes, are fine.

Side effects and precautions about Nystatin cream

Stop using Nystatin cream if you have severe itching, peeling, redness, etc. of the skin.

Call a doctor if you experience swelling of the face/ tongue/ throat/ etc.

For any other reaction such as hives/ difficulty in breathing/etc. call a doctor.

Do not cover the area where you applied Nystatin cream, with a bandage, as this will increase its absorption into the bloodstream, which in turn may raise you chances of having a bad reaction or side effect.

It is advised that you stop having sex, while using Nystatin cream, as the extra friction will make the fungal infection worse.

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