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Pulmicort Respules

Pulmicort Respules is a highly effective drug used for the treatment of Asthma. This product is made up mainly of Budesonide, which is a corticosteroid. Budesonide is incorporated as the base line treatment of Asthma, and to prevent asthma in children who are of 1-8 years. However, it is used as a maintenance treatment and not as treatment for acute exacerbation of Asthma.

How does Pulmicort Respules work?

Pulmicort Respules are an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid with strong glucocorticoid action and mild mineralocorticoid action as well. It lowers the inflammation seen due to Asthma, simultaneously preventing the accumulation of inflammatory cells (neutrophils and macrophages, etc) and reducing the chemical mediators of inflammation (histamine, leukotrienes, etc) active in the respiratory epithelium, by its direct local action. By this action, Pulmicort Respules forms an effective baseline in Asthma treatment.

Dosages of Pulmicort Respules

Pulmicort Respules is available as an inhalation suspension that is administered by nebulizer, preferably fixed dose or metered dose nebulizers, through an air mask or mouthpiece. Dosage of Pulmicort Respules is between 0.25 mg to 1 mg, with 0.25 mg generally the starting dose in children. Dosage can be steadily increased to the correct maintenance dose, either in on single dose or divided doses. However, the lowest dose at which adequate benefits are derived should be maintained. Pulmicort Respules are available as 2ml suspensions of three different strengths: 0.25 mg/2 ml, 0.5 mg/2 ml, and 1 mg/ 2 ml.


The beneficial effects of Pulmicort Respules can be seen from the first week of treatment, gradually intensifying the relief over 4-6 weeks.

Side Effects

Side effects of Pulmicort Respules are minimal. The common side effects include runny nose, mild nose bleeds, cough, occasionally abdominal pain and diarrhea.

More serious side effects seen rarely include bacterial and fungal infections, allergic reactions, ear infections, etc, all stemming from the corticosteroid immunosuppressive action. Growth can be affected in some children. However, it can be used in pregnant and lactating mothers, if necessary.

Drug Interactions of Pulmicort Respules are with the drugs that affect its metabolism, which include Ketoconazole, antivirals like Indinavir, Atazanavir, Clarithromycin, Telithromycin, nefadozone, etc. It is contraindicated in any pre-existing hypersensitivity to Budesonide. Also in acute status asthmaticus, which requires bronchodilators and rapid acting steroids.

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