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Symptoms Of Lupus

 It is difficult to self-diagnose the symptoms of lupus, as these symptoms are common to hundreds of disorders – for example, headaches, joint pain, rashes, fatigue – do not mean you have lupus. If you suspect that you have many of the symptoms of lupus, you should go for a medical test, where definite blood ‘markers’ will reveal whether you do or do not have lupus.

True symptoms of lupus

The most common cluster of symptoms of lupus are usually experienced simultaneously:

  • fever
  • a fatigue experienced, which feels way beyond everyday exhaustion
  • skin rash
  • joint pain, which is unrelated to anything you have done physically

There are other symptoms of lupus, such as severe headaches with or without memory loss, and shortness of breath with or without chest pain. These, however, should be assessed by a doctor immediately, as they are more serious.

Symptoms of lupus reflect inflammation

When one’s antibodies attack one’s own cells, then this a typical autoimmune disorder, which begins a chain reaction of inflammatory responses, causing symptoms of lupus.

The inflammation may be to a small degree, such as skin rash plus joint pain, or, it may be to a life-threatening degree, such as kidney failure plus brain complications.

Whatever the degree of inflammation in one’s symptoms of lupus, your doctor will want to treat them with the following kinds of drugs:about symptoms of lupus

  • NSAIDS – Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: For milder symptoms of lupus, Aleve or Advil can be used. For more severe symptoms of lupus, stronger NSAIDS need to be prescribed.

Please note that, the stronger the NSAIDS, the stronger the side effects. Strong side effects include: stomach bleeding, kidney problems, and heart changes.

  • CORTICOSTEROIDS – for example, Prednisone is often prescribed, however be prepared for possible weight gain, swollen face, diabetes, bone-thinning, and lowered resistance to infection.

Alternative remedies for symptoms of lupus

Most doctors believe that the cause of lupus is unknown, however, Alternative Medicine Doctors, of which there are very few, know the cause, and will create a superhealthy physical condition within your body, via diet, exercise, and supplements. For details on this, read the resource below about the true cause of Lupis, and how to stop it.

Who would have thought that supplements such as ALA, DHEA, D3, and Omega 3, could produce such powerful anti-inflammatory responses in your body, with absolutely no side effects.

And who would have guessed that symptoms of lupus could disappear for up to six hours after having sex?

Or that eating a meal high in heated oils, refined flours, or sugars, could ignite a severe inflammatory response in the body, instantly. 

The true cause of Lupis, and how to stop it:

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