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Tic Douloureux

 Tic douloureux is a severe, stabbing pain, to one side of the face. The term comes from the French words ‘tic’ , meaning sudden spasm; and ‘douloureux’, meaning painful. Put those two words together, and you get ‘painful sudden spasm’.

Causes of Tic Douloureux

Tic Douloureux is caused by the pinching of the trigeminal nerve, a nerve that feeds the entire face, via many branches.
Pressure on the nerve can be caused by: injury/enlarged blood vessel/tumour/herpes zoster/auto-immune disorder/compression of the base of the skull/temporo-mandibular jaw compression/tooth disorder.
An unusual cause for tic douloureux, is the result of giving oral sex.

Treatments for Tic Douloureux

Anti-convulsants, such as Carbamazepine, are prescribed to quieten the nerve impulses to the face.

Unfortunately, anti-convulsants can have the following side effects:

 nausea/dizziness/mouth ulcers/sore throat/rashes/peeling skin/bleeding skin/purple spots on the skin/vomiting/liver damagge/blood changes.

Surgery is sometimes suggested, but this is a dangerous gamble, as it is a type of brain surgery, which could result in the following results, in order of seriousness:

  • loss of sensation in certain parts of the face.
  • loss of control in certain parts of the face, for example: chewing/speech/eyelid movements, where one eye closes and the other does not. Any movement  performed by the face, such as  facial expressions, can be distorted, much like a stroke victim.
  • deafness
  • death

Alternative treatments for Tic Douloureuxabout tic douloureux

1. BIOGETICA, a treatment center with Doctors and Scientists, combine healing systems such as:

  • Advanced resonance therapy
  • Chinese medicine
  • Ayurveda
  • Homeopathy

These healing systems for Tic Douloureux, have no harmful side effects, and provide powerful relief.

2. CHIROPRACTICS, where a medical Doctor corrects misalignments of the neck, removing compression on the nerves which feed the base of the skull, thereby releasing the nerves which supply the face.


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