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Travatan, also known as Travapost, is an opthalmic solution to stop glaucoma from progressing.

It works by reducing intraocular pressure, via increasing aqueous fluid drainage from the eye.

Travatan is also used to reduce eye pressure which is caused by many other illnesses, such as diabetes and ocular hypertension.

Side effects of Travatan

These are some of the possible side effects. Some are serious, and some are awful:

The Awful

blurred vision/red eyes/vision changes/eye pressure sensations/red eyelids/discharge of the eyes/sensitivity to light/swelling around eyes/eye colour changes from blue or green, to brown/mild inflammation perpetually.

The Serious

cataract formation/reduced corneal barrier function, that is, thinning of the cornea/dry eye – a very serious condition.

Travatan side effects on other parts of the body

prostate gland inflammation/chest pain/migraines.

These are a few of the more common side effects, but there are many more that can occur. Needless to say, should any of the above side effects of Travatan occur, they can dramatically affect you sex life, and in the longterm, they can change your relationship with your loved one. 

Ironically, it is often the preservative in Travatan, which causes a lot of these types of side effects. The preservative, Benzalkonium Chloride, weakens and worsens the surface of the eye.

Some websites claim that there is a Travatan which is free of Benzalkonium Chloride, so make sure to ask your doctor for this brand.

Travatan is not something to be used randomly, so ensure that you do, in fact, need it, by getting a second opinion from another doctor.

Always try alternative health doctors, as they often have a regime of treatments, which do not produce harmful side effects.about travatan A holistic approach includes dietary remedies, exercise choices, supplements, and massage, to name a few examples. Just make certain that you are given these holistic approaches, by a doctor, as eye pressure is not something you should play around with, at your own whim.

It may be difficult to find a wholistic doctor, but they are out there, so search well, and you will be glad you put in the extra effort, to protect your health.


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