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Taking Tri-sprintec birth control pills for sexual activity, may seem like a great way to avoid falling pregnant. And it is. The problem is that the amount of reported side effects are too numerous to ignore.

Don’t forget that when you take ANY birth control pill, you are messing with the natural hormonal balance of your body. For example, if you are a naturally thin person, that is due to your hormonal balance. But once you start taking the pill, you may very well find that, after only a few months, you are no longer thin. Worse still, the hormonal imbalance may last  for the rest of your lifetime, even if you stop taking the pill.


Tri-sprintec birth control may have too many side effects

The reported side effects are :

  • weight gain/excessive hunger
  • bloating/fluid retention
  • lowered sex drive/loss of interest in sex
  • headaches/migraines/dizzinessabout tri-sprintec
  • vaginal yeast infections
  • lumpy or swollen breasts
  • intense nausea (if the pill is taken on an empty stomach)
  • depression for no reason (sometimes with crying) /mood swings/irritability

The only plus seems to be the reports of acne clearing up, but is it really worth risking the above side effects, in order to clear your skin? Rather, a good dermatologist will help you clear your acne, using non-harmful products, such as supplements, herbal remedies, and dietary changes, all of which affect the hormonal system, but in a non-harmful way.

Tri-sprintec stated warnings and cautions

The way Tri-sprintec works is by preventing ovulation (which is the release of the egg from the ovary).

Since powerful hormones have to be used in order to prevent ovulation, if you have any slight medical condition, then Tri-sprintec warns you to not use their pill. Do not take this pill if you suffer from:

circulation problems/migraines/diabetes/high blood pressure/the list is long…

In addition, they warn you that if you take their pill, you could get blood clots/heart attacks/strokes/the list is long and scary…

In conclusion, try to find natural ways of birth control, instead of taking a huge risk with Tri-sprintec and other birth control pills.

Natural methods of birth control include: the use of condoms and/or the rhythm method of birth control.

Feel free to share your experiences with Tri-sprintec, in the comment box below.
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